Two from Korossos

Sierra Dafoe

Two from Korossos

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In the city of Korossos, the grudge pit is judge, jury, and executioner all at once. Trapped under the thumb of Khren, lord of Korossos, Salnath of the Sword has spent the past year fighting the lord's grudge matches for him, unable to find a way to extricate himself -- until his elder sister, Myrra, arrives in the city to bring him home. But Myrra's appearance only makes things worse. Soon Salnath is no longer Khren's champion, but his slave. Myrra, desperate to free her brother, vows that either both of them will leave Korossos, or none at all. And the only way to best Khren is by trapping the lord of Korossos into a grudge match of her own!


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