Forbidden Love: Sacred Bands

Brenna Lyons, CJ England, Claudia Christian, Ally Blue, Sapphire Phelan, Michael Barnette, Gregory L. Norris, Jet Mykles, Stephanie Burke.

Forbidden Love: Sacred Bands

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Forbidden Love: Sacred Bands
Thebes, 4th C BC.

The elite fighting force, inspired by Plato's Symposium, consists of 150 homosexual couples, the fiercest force of their day. Forbidden Love, 21st C AD.
In deference to the Sacred Bands of the Thebes elite, this collection is all M/M couples, facing darkness and danger as a working team. Matched male lovers willing to face death itself in the name of love. A collection of stories written by some of the best names in M/M romance brought to you by Under the Moon Publishing.


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