Rainbow's End

Frederick G. McCann

Rainbow's End

Science Fiction
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What the book is about

Even ten thousand years after the last star ship climbed away from a depleted and dying Earth, rumors still persisted about the great treasures forgotten in the rush to escape a dying planet. Stories that ranged from metals more valuable than gold left hidden in a great vault beneath Fort Knox, to an island full of beautiful virgins suspended in Cryo-sleep, waiting for a Prince Charming to come along and awaken them with a kiss.

The crew of the Wanderer had heard them all and for every one they had heard they`d also met a man with a map who was willing to share the secret, for a price of course. Each time the crew had laughed and walked away preferring the slightly less dangerous job of free trading. The profits of which kept them happy. Others had bought into the dreams that could be bought on any street corner of any space port in the universe. Most of them vanished, never to be seen again.

No, the crew of The Wanderer didn`t believe in treasure maps, or at least they didn`t, that is until Harry came along...


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