Max Sec

Brenna Lyons

Max Sec

Science Fiction


What the book is about

Once, Ginny was the only human contact Alex had. Now, she's the only chance he has to be free of his past. Ginny wants to cure Alex's fears. There's only one way to do that. Take him back to Max Sec Hell...and make him love it. Alex is the most powerful talent she knows. He�s deadly, unstable - and sexy.


A look inside the book

"What do you think of it?" she asked.

It looks like Max-Sec hell! "You have good taste in designers," he offered diplomatically, wincing at the bars over the windows. What would a tenth-floor apartment overlooking a cliff need bars for? A chill ran down his spine at the sight of them.

Just like old times.

"And you don"t lie very well," she noted in amusement.

Alex grinned. "No. I guess I don"t. I hate it, if you want to know the truth. It gives me the willies."

Ginny breezed past him to a bar--beige stained wood with a Navy-veined marble top. "That"s better. Would you care for one?"

"Sure. Make it a double." Maybe I can forget my surroundings if I have a few. "Rum. Thanks."

"Will do." She poured the drink then a matching one for herself, offering him one of the glasses. "Aren"t you going to ask?"

He swallowed a mouthful of the alcohol, thankful for the burn that helped fight off the chill of his memories. "Do I have to?"

"Ahhh... I see. It still bothers you that much."

He grimaced, taking another mouthful down. "Is there any reason it shouldn"t?" A defensive note crept into his voice at that. The academies were hell on earth, a hell he fought very hard to ensure no more innocents had to endure.

"Is there any reason it has to run your life?" she countered.

Alex stared at her in disbelief. "Seems to me that it runs yours just fine."

He expected her to be angry at the observation, but she laughed heartily. "Do you have any beige or Navy in your home, Alex? Any at all?"

He tried to refute that, wracked his brain to come up with something that was, to no avail.

"You don"t," she stated with confidence. "If someone buys you something that is, you exchange it, don"t you? But, people know not to buy you things that are beige and Navy."

Alex drained the rest of his glass. It wasn"t helping; the bars over the windows seemed too close, the feeling of people watching him too real. "So, I went to one extreme, and you went to the other," he dismissed her.

"Actually, this isn"t where I live--not on a regular basis."

"Then why did you bring me here?" he demanded, his temper rising.

Ginny"s hand covered his, the warmth strangely disconcerting. "You saved my life once. I"ve never forgotten that."

"This is a hell of a way to repay it!"


"What"s your game, Ginny? Why did you bring me to this..." He waved his hand uncertainly.

"Mock-up. My father had it built for me. It took him two years to break me of my fears, and this mock-up was the first step in that rehabilitation process." She hesitated, her expression abruptly uncertain. "His approach was a bit different, of course. He was dealing with a child and--"

Alex"s heart pounded double time. "Is that what this is? You want to--cure me?"


What people say about Max Sec
Reviewed by Jean for Fallen Angels Reviews 4 Angels! "In my opinion, Lyons writes excellent short stories that are plotted tightly and yet are very emotionally evocative. This is one of them. This is a short story which deals with a family of psychics in a near-future in which the Supreme Court has made a decision that psychics are to be accorded the same rights and privileges as other citizens. The conflict in the story erupts from the traumas of the years before the decision, when psychics were apparently treated like sub-humans. The characters of Alex and Ginny are realistically and sympathetically drawn. This is a very explicit, erotic story, including light bondage, submission, and a sort of voyeurism. In spite of being very hard-hitting, the author very capably resolves the storyline by the end." LINK: Fallen Angel Reviews
Reviewed by Valerie for Love Romances 4 Hearts! "This is a short story from Brenna Lyons� Renegade Series. It is a powerfully written tale about a man who needs to let go of his fears and the woman who unselfishly helps him. The characters are very well written, and although this reviewer has never read any of the Renegade series, there was no problem with connecting with the characters or the plot of the story. There is plenty of action, mostly the bedroom kind, which is very sensuous, sexy and romantic. Ms. Lyons knows how to write a very hot love scene, and she will have you reaching for the ice bucket! Although this is a short story, Ms. Lyons has packed a lot into it, and this reviewer found it a very satisfactory read." LINK: Love Romances
Reviewed by Julie Esparza for Just Erotic Romance Reviews 4 Stars! "Ms. Lyons has written a �what now� book in her Renegade Series. Even though I hadn�t read the other books, I was still able to see how trapped Alex was in the paranoia of his experiences as a child. His character really hasn�t grown. Ginny however, with the help of her father, has been able to step past the horrors that lay behind them. You feel the desperation of Ginny, knowing she wants to help him break free because he has a piece of her heart. The sex is hot and steamy with some inventive uses of technology for a touch of bondage. The romance is as sweet as roses and this short story will make for a nice purchase even if you haven�t read the other books in the series."
Reviewed by Julia for The Romance Studio 4 Hearts "Max Sec is about two people that have been scarred in the past, and are sometimes still struggling with that to live in the present. Ginny seems to have done better with her memories, but Alex seems to have issues even he isn't aware of. Both of them are very likable, and I really cared about whether or not they were able to overcome Alex's paranoia. The sex in the book is hot and passionate, with a lot of emotion running between the two. I haven't read anything in this series, but now that I have read Max Sec, I will be sure to be on the lookout for more."

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