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D. E. Helbling�s fiction has also appeared in the legacy e-zines �Quanta� and �Nocturnal Ooze�. The former editor of the now retired speculative fiction e-zine �nanobison�, D. E. Helbling is busily crafting other stories in the world of Jakovy, the modest defender of King Absomeel, the Dismal. He�s also working on finding a publisher for his new science fiction novel, �The Jethrocite Solution�. He lives in northwest Oregon with his family and a small herd of cats.


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Shifting Borders
by D.E. Helbling

Jakovy of Tinnipuli, loyal and noble solider of King Absomeel the Dismal, set out from the land of Kadar on an excursion into the neighboring kingdom of Goorg. It should have been an easy trip. His goal: engage the services of his old friend Master Norton, the renowned bladesmith of Brenardia, to fix a rather embarrassing problem he was having with his heirloom sword, Bobbo. Little did he suspect he would be bumping up against unreasonable locals with age old hostilities or, worse yet, another angry tribe of mountain trolls. Are his wit, charm, and skills with a borrowed blade enough to get him back home safely? It all depends upon the cooperation of an unruly bunch of Kadar expatriates, the reasoning of a stubborn troll leader, and luck.

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