Forbidden Love: Bad Boys

Brenna Lyons, CJ England, Terri Pray, Sapphire Phelan, Ally Blue, Astrid Cooper, Brenda Williamson, Phylis Sullivan, Rian Monaire.

Forbidden Love: Bad Boys

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What the book is about

December 2006 from Under the Moon a new line of dark romance fiction journals prepared to delight and tease your senses.Forbidden Love stands ready to bring you Bad Boys, Wicked Women, Assassins, Rogues, Bounty Hunters, Pirates, Wizard, Vampires and more. Are you ready to walk with werewolves? To dance with Vampires? Willing to face the wrath of your family and the scandal of your peers for one night with a Gladiator? Are you prepared to risk all in the name of glamour, power and perhaps even love?Not suitable for children and young adults. Suggested for 18 and older only.MSRP. $16, Color Cover, B&W interior, interior illustration.


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