Under the Moon

Genre Publisher

The Company

Under the Moon is the fiction imprint of the RPG (role-playing game) company, Final Sword Productions. Our main source of sales comes from those interested in the games Final Sword produces. UTM releases books in both e-book and print versions. e-Books release via our Genreshop, Mobi (and by extension Kindle), All Romance eBooks and it's sister site OmniLit (for non-romance/non-erotica), Onebookshelf site and 1romancebooks site. Future plans for distribution of e-books include Fictionwise, eReader, and B&N e-books.

All books, including the short stories, go into print with UTM through our own in house print. The shorts appear as 'chap books'. Print releases sell at our Genreshop, Amazon, and via our comic and gaming distribution through Alliance Diamond, Black Hawk, and other RPG distributors. Print releases will occur about three months after an e-book release.

UTM is a small press, and does not pretend to be anything other than a small press. At this time, we do not plan on releasing more than three 'books' a month, on a regular basis. One novel, one novella, and one short story.

Our Staff

Terri Pray- The Editor in Chief of UTM is Terri Pray. Terri is an established businesswoman with Final Sword Productions, a proofreader, and an author; although it would be very easy to flood UTM with Terri's work, the imprint was not set up to showcase her books. In fact Terri has made it clear the only time her work will be released through UTM is when there is a slot that no one else is able to fill. You will, however, find several earlier releases from Final Sword that are Terri Pray books and are being sold under the UTM banner. These releases pre-date the original launch of UTM (October 2008).

Sam Pray- Another member of the team that the authors of UTM interact with is Sam Pray, Terri's husband and the man who handles the layout of the books. Sam has been laying out books for Final Sword Productions and Ad Astra since 2006 and for MojoCastle's print books since early 2008. He's also part of the creative team behind the Number of the Beast D6 RPG line due to be released from Final Sword Productions in 2010. Sam is an accomplished artist and creates many of the covers you'll see on the UTM site.

Karen Wolfe-Karen Leigh Wolfe lives in Long Beach, California. Originally from Bayard, West Virginia, a small town near the Maryland border, she's also lived in Johnstown, Pennsylvania for many years. She is often quoted as saying she is not a Yankee by choice, she was kidnapped above the Mason Dixon. She is a freelance transcriptionist along with working with Under the Moon as a proofreader.

MySpace link: http://www.myspace.com/klwsummer

D. S. Palter- The 'silent' member of the team, at least where UTM is concerned, is D. S. Palter. Mr. Palter created Final Sword Productions, and is not active on the author list for UTM. Mr. Palter's history in the industry also includes West End Games where he worked with such licenses as Star Wars, Tank Girl, Ghostbusters, and Men in Black.